Join in on
The Magic

Join in on
The Magic

Be a part of our mission to take the work out of connecting with others so that we can accomplish more! Our fervor to carry this out will contribute to our goal of scaling up to 10,000 globally.​

Careers at Magic

Remote fulltime jobs

Inbound Sales Manager - Latin America, Remote

Full Time (LatAm - Argentina)

Software Engineer (Full Stack Javascript) - Remote

Permanent - Full Time (Global+)

Outbound SDR Manager - Latin America, Remote

Full Time (LatAm - Argentina)

Work with Magic!

Full Time (Philippines)

Freelance Training Specialist - Remote

Freelance (Philippines)

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Why Join Magic?

We at Magic are unique, creative, innovative, and collaborative individuals who were formed through a startup to contribute to and impact people’s lives with our Virtual Assistant products.

Who Is Magic

We help small businesses grow their business, by leveraging a dedicated and college-educated assistant to fill a variety of roles.

Our company came out of Y Combinator in 2015. Since then, we’ve grown to 1000+ remote workers, with strong venture backing from Sequoia Capital and other venture capital firms. We are fully remote across Asia and U.S. time zones.

How We Hire

We made our hiring process easy but challenging to ignite your competitive spirit and creativity— the Magic way!

The process may be different for each role but we’ve listed what you can expect once you kick off your application.

Culture & Environment

Magic is one plow team that rapidly iterates towards ambitious goals​.

One Plow Team

Magic is a united collective that works together to achieve a common goal. We are a close-knit community built on collaboration, respect, and trust.

Rapid Iteration

We solve problems quickly and believe in removing obstacles, freeing roadblocks, and overcoming complications with agility.

Ambitious Goals

We don’t shy away from a challenge. We embrace the thrill of a stretch goal, and like to test the limits of what we believe is possible.

Culture & Environment

Permanent Work From Home Forever

Your workspace is wherever and however you want it— whatever floats your boat to exercise your creativity and critical thinking!

Mental Health Takes The Center Stage Of Our Day-To-Day Work

This isn’t just a tagline for a poster— this is our way of life at Magic. We don’t push you if it tires you. It’s better that you go on leave(s) if you are not one with your mind and spirit.

The Synergy Of Magic’s Community​

The bi-weekly Townhall is our avenue to keep abreast with the company’s financial status and business direction, which are deliverables straight from our founders and leaders, and celebrate employee milestones too! We love to make noise in the chatroom and cheer for our teammates!

Trusted by Awesome Clients

Samantha Duenas
Samantha DuenasPod Lead
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"I was excited to work in a virtual workplace and with a flexible schedule.

Also, the pay eventually got so much better than my last full-time job."
Viña Abarado
Viña AbaradoClient Relations Manager
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They say that one must prepare themselves for pressure and toxicity to achieve growth. I don't feel that here.

Everyday is a learning experience, and the team shares their learning experience with everyone. Everyone wins!"
John Lester Ilog
John Lester IlogWorkforce Coordinator
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"I enjoy the thrill and good work ethics of people around me, keeping me motivated to work with them each day. This ignites a good competitive spirit in me, thinking that if everyone could do great and excel, then so do I."
Ady Tapiador
Ady TapiadorOperations Project Manager
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"Magic gives me opportunities to go past my comfort zone and to explore the unknown.

I'm given a change to deliver, and my outputs are the testament of how far I've come. That's how I learn and grow with the company."
Bertie Muros
Bertie MurosQuality Insight Data Analyst
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"I love working at Magic due to its amazing people, friendly environment, and employee-focused policies, as well as its permanent WFH setup. The team is fantastic, the culture is positive, and management is easily accessible and open to communication. The policies are flexible and prioritize the well-being of employees, making it a great place to work."

Shape the future of work & join in on the Magic.

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