Meet Magic


Our Story

Magic was founded in 2015 with an ambitious question: What if you could text a service for anything you needed and get it done? It was a bit of a rough start⁠—including one misadventure with a tiger⁠—but it was clear that people were clamoring for quick, accessible assistance.

Since then, we’ve developed our services into a modern outsourcing approach to help businesses thrive. We’ve placed over 10,000 assistants and have hundreds of businesses that trust us with their tasks. Our guiding principle is simple: we make getting work done feel like magic.

Our Values

One Plow Team

Magic is a united collective that works together to achieve a common goal. We are a close-knit community built on collaboration, respect, and trust.

Rapid Iteration

We solve problems quickly and believe in removing obstacles, freeing roadblocks, and overcoming complications with agility.

Ambitious Goals

We don’t shy away from a challenge. We embrace the thrill of a stretch goal, and like to test the limits of what we believe is possible.

Our Purpose


To connect great business leaders and great workers from across the world, to help them produce amazing results while living life more freely and flexibly.


Our vision is to be the fastest, most convenient way to get great work done.

Shape the future of work &
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