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Magic is a remote hiring service that matches you with remote support based on your business needs. The service starts at USD 10/hr billed weekly with no contract.

You can hire a virtual assistant using an online job board but when you work with Magic, we take all the guesswork and time out of the process. We ensure that your hire is high-quality and understands your needs and we find you an assistant fast! Get started in as little as a week. Plus, we have no hidden charges, setup fees, or long-term obligations. You’re billed weekly and can change your hours whenever you want.

Magic virtual assistants start at $10/hour for a full-time hire. Part-time (20 hours/week) assistants are $12/hour. For more premium roles, assistants cost $15/hour. These prices include all recruitment costs and taxes. Clients are billed weekly with no long-term obligations.

First, we have a discovery call so you can tell us what you’re looking for in your remote workers. Then, we find you a candidate within a week. Afterward, you will be given the chance to review their profile and meet with them. If you hire them, they can begin immediately. Otherwise, we will search for another candidate. We may get additional feedback from you before doing so. Finding a new candidate can take a few days.

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