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How We're Helping Matthew Millstein Take His Weekends Back And Save 216 Hours A Month

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Iren Glass
Community Builder
Utopia Partner | TribesQueen

“It’s been great working with TwoStaff and Jordan. I was nervous about hiring a VA because the entry barrier is low, and you can end up with someone who will significantly hurt your business!They helped us with a lot of tedious recurring tasks for my community building company that helps us provide great experience with our quite intricate systems (there are a lot of stuff you need to do in communities on a recurring basis).Jordan is always happy to help even if it goes beyond just doing the work.If you need someone who is responsible, accurate, and disciplined, look no further!”

Kade Finney
CEO at AchieveItDigital
Cold Email Marketing Expert

“My overall experience working with TwoStaff has easily been the best thing to ever happen to my agency.Jordan and his team has allowed me to accomplish things that would otherwise never be possible. With most VA agencies communication becomes an issue, however, with TwoStaff it has been the exact opposite. Jordan is always extremely quick to respond, never any language barriers, and his schedule allows for frequent meetings.I hands down recommend Jordan and his team for any tasks that you need automated. It will be the best decision you have ever made!”

Matthew Millstein
CEO at OldSoul
B2B Podcasting &
Marketing Expert

“TwoStaff has been a crucial partner for the growth of my company. Their work has allowed me to regain hours each week. They are reliable, easy to communicate with, and do not need hand-holding. Their expertise has helped me streamline tasks and systematize our various processes.Jordan and his team at TwoStaff are my trusted partners and should be yours too!”

Meet the Team

Jordan Woods
Founder & CEO

Olivia Miller
Client Success Manager

Melanie Casey
Head of Communication

Naveed Shaikh
Head of Operations

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